research interests & level of expertise

ALP (Ångström-level processing)

advanced level

surface modification

since 2008:
ALD (atomic layer deposition)
of oxides (Al2O3, HfO2, Ta2O5, RuO2), nitrides (TaxNy), and metals (Ru, Au), including

  • precursor evaluations
  • process developments
  • reaction mechanism studies
  • nucleation & selectivity studies;

since 2015:
asD (area-selective deposition)

since 2017:
ALE (atomic layer etching)

since 2018:
MLD (molecular layer deposition)
of polymers (Nylon 6,2)

surface analyses/ metrology

in situ

since 2008:
SE (spectroscopic ellipsometry),
especially with real-time sampling > 1 Hz;
advanced level

in vacuo

since 2010:
PES (photo-electron spectroscopy)

  • XPS( x-ray photo-electron spectroscopy);
    expert level
  • UPS (ultraviolet photo-electron spectroscopy)

since 2013:
SPM (scanning probe microscopy)

  • AFM (atomic force microscopy);
    expert level
  • STM (scanning tunneling microscopy), including
    STS (scanning tunneling spectroscopy)

on site

since 2009:
QMS (quadrupol mass spectrometry);
expert level

ex situ 

since 2009:
electrical characterization, such as

  • 4PP (four-point probe)
  • current–voltage
  • capacitance–voltage
  • TVS BTS (triangular voltage sweep under bias and temperature stress)

since 2011:
XRD (x-ray diffraction)

since 2011:
XRR (x-ray reflectometry)

since 2015:
Raman spectroscopy







thin films

materials science

since 2008:
ruthenium and ruthenium oxide

since 2013:
high-k oxides (Al2O3, HfO2, Ta2O5)

since 2013:

since 2018:
polymers (Nylon 6,2)

vacuum technology

since 2008:
high- and ultra-high vacuum components, such as

  • various pump types & sizes
  • cross-flow & showerhead reactor designs
  • seals, gas tubes, fittings, valves
  • drives
  • heaters, etc.

physical chemistry

surface chemistry

chemical physics

physics of condensed matter